A dog walks into a greengrocers carrying a basket…

A dog walks into a greengrocers carrying a basket and a list

in his mouth. He gives the list to the shop assistant and the

basket is soon full of apples, oranges, a melon and 2lb


“That’ll be £3.50,” says the assistant and the dog passes over

a purse. He counts out the right money, hands back the

purse and the dog leaves the shop. Over the next few weeks

the dog appears regularly in the shop and the assistant

becomes more and more curious about where he comes

from. Eventually he decides that when the dog next comes

in, he’ll close up and follow the animal home. The following

Thursday afternoon the dog appears and the assistant

follows him home. It’s at least a mile to walk and throughout

the journey the dog shows remarkable skills in crossing the

many busy roads. At last he walks up the garden path of a

squalid looking house and knocks on the door. A moment

later it’s opened by a fat, scruffy looking man who kicks the

dog back down the path. “Outraged at such behaviour, the

assistant rushes up shouting

“How dare you treat this amazing dog in such a callous way?”

“Bugger off,” replies the man, “The dog’s got to learn. It’s

the third time this month that he’s forgotten his keys.”

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