A fire chief died and went to heaven…

A fire chief died and went to heaven. When he got there he saw a long line waiting to get in to the pearly gates.He told himself, Im a fire chief, Im not going to wait in line. He went to the angels guarding the gates and said, Let me in. Im a fire chief. The angels replied, Youll haveto wait in line like everyone else, sir.While waiting at the back of the line he saw a sedan pull up with red lights and a man got out wearing a whitehelmet that said CHIEF. The angels popped to attention and let the chief enter heaven. The waiting fire chiefwas pissed and went to talk to the angels.He asked, Why did you let that fire chief go through and not me? To which the angels replied, You have it allwrong, sir. Thats God, he just thinks hes a Fire Chief.

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