A husband and wife went to Manchester for the day…

A husband and wife went to Manchester for the day. He had

a meeting in the morning and she went off to do some

shopping. Now the meeting finished much earlier than

expected so the man went off into the centre of town and

landed up in the “better part” of the red light district. As he

was passing one of the “ladies” flats, a beautiful hooker

came out and before he knew what he was doing, he asked

her how much she charged a session. The hooker looked at

him disdainfully and told him it would be £150.

“Bloody hell, that’s daylight robbery,” he exclaimed, “I’ve

only got £30,” and feeling very disappointed he left to meet

his wife for lunch. Just as the meal was over, the same

hooker and a client entered the restaurant and on seeing the

man and his wife she whispered to him as she passed.

“I hope that’s taught you a lesson, that’s what you get for


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