A local man walks into the pub…

A local man walks into the pub knowing that the man

behind the bar is short of money after spending all his wages

on the horses.

“Hello Pete, fancy a bet?” says the man. “I bet you £100 that

I can piss into this empty beer glass.”

The bartender agrees, so the man drops his trousers and

pisses everywhere – on the floor, the bar, the tables, even on

the bartender himself. The bartender smiles and demands

his money.

“OK, Pete, won’t be a moment,” says the man and he walks

over to three men at the other end of the room and comes

back with £300 in his hand.

“Here you are, bartender”, and he hands over the £100.

“Just a moment,” says Pete, looking puzzled. “What’s going

on over there?”

The man smiles.

“Well, earlier today I made a bet with those three men that I

could piss all over your pub and you’d still be smiling at the

end of it.”

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