A man goes to the surgery feeling sick…

A man goes to the surgery feeling sick, but the doctor is

unable to diagnose what’s wrong with him, so he takes some

blood tests and tells him to return the following week.

However, he’s too ill to leave the house so his wife goes along

to get the results.

“Oh dear, oh dear,” says the doctor, shaking his head, “it

seems I have two patients by the name of Jack Brown, they’ve

both had blood tests this week and the tests have been

muddled up. It means your husband either has VD or

Alzheimer’s disease.”

The poor wife is very distressed.

“What shall I do?” she asks.

“Don’t worry, it’s quite simple,” replies the doctor. “Take

your husband on a long journey, go by bus and train, then

leave him there and see if he can find his way home. If he

does get home alright, then don’t let him fu*k you.”

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