A man walks into a bar with a cat…

A man walks into a bar with a cat and an ostrich and orders

three pints of beer.

“That’ll be £4.60,” says the barman and the man hands over

the money. Sometime later, another round is ordered and

when it comes to paying, the cat says “You get these ostrich,

I think it’s your shout.”

The three stay in the bar drinking all night but no matter

how many rounds they have, the cat manages to get out of

paying. As the bell for last orders rings, the barman says to

the man, “How come you’re drinking with a cat and an


“Well,” says the man sadly, “not long ago, I was out walking

on the beach when I found an old bottle. I took out the cork

and a genie appeared who said he’d grant me one wish. So I

asked for a bird with long legs and a tight pussy!”

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