A man walks into a wine bar…

A man walks into a wine bar, sits down at a table and studies

the menu. A couple of minutes later he looks up to see a

beautiful waitress standing in front of him. She is so

gorgeous that he gasps with pure lust.

“What would you like?” she asks.

“A glass of claret and a quickie please,” he replies, drooling

at the mouth. The waitress is so disgusted she storms off but

returns a few minutes later when she has calmed down.

Again she asks “What would you like?”

He smiles and says again, “A glass of claret and a quickie


“That’s it” she yells, gives him a sharp slap across the face

and stomps off.

The man sits there dumbstruck when suddenly from the

next table a fellow customer leans over and whispers

“I think it’s pronounced ‘quiche’.”

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