A man walks into an empty bar and orders a drink…

A man walks into an empty bar and orders a drink. No one

comes in so he asks the barman if he can have the TV on and

the two of them watch the test match in companionable

silence. England are going along nicely until the opposing

team put on a fast bowler who takes two wickets in two

consecutive overs. The customer turns to the barman and

says, “I bet you £5 he doesn’t get a wicket in this over.”

Now the barman had listened to the game earlier, on the

radio, and knew the bowler did get his hat-trick. “Okay mate,

you’re on,” he says.

The next over begins and as they watch, the third wicket

goes down. “Damn, damn, damn,” curses the man. “I don’t

believe it,” and he hands over £5.

Suddenly the barman feels very guilty and says, “No mate,

keep your money, I listened to the game earlier on today.”

“So did I,” says the customer. “I just didn’t think he could

pull it off a second time!”

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