A man was strolling around an old antique market…

A man was strolling around an old antique market when he

spotted a long-forgotten brass rat pushed into a far corner

of one of the shops. A collector of brass objects, the

purchase was soon made and the man departed. However,

he hadn’t gone too far when he noticed a rat running up

behind him and within minutes, the whole area was

swimming in the vermin. Frightened for his life, the man

raced down the road to the river and threw the brass rat into

the water. Lo and behold all the rats ran into the water and

drowned. Some time later, he returned to the antique market

and sought out the man who had sold him the rat. When the

shopkeeper recognised him, he said, “Back again already,

Sir, is there something wrong with your figure?”

“Oh no, not at all, I was just wondering if you had any brass

figures of lawyers,” he replied.

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