A man went to an old furniture shop to buy an antique kitchen table…

A man went to an old furniture shop to buy an antique

kitchen table. Almost at once, he saw the table he wanted to

buy and asked the price.

“£2,000 sir.”

“Never!” exclaimed the man, “That’s unbelievably


“That’s true,” replied the assistant, but this is not just any

antique kitchen table, this piece of furniture has special


“Get away! Show me.”

The assistant went up to the table and said, “How many

floors are there in this building?”

Immediately, the table jumped into the air four times, and

indeed there were four floors in the building.

The man wasn’t totally convinced.

“OK, ask it how much money I’ve got in my wallet.”

The question was asked and the table jumped up and down

eleven times.

“That’s incredible,” said the man. “It’s true, I’ve got two £5

notes and a loose £1 coin. I must have that table.”

So the man paid £2,000 and the antique kitchen table was

delivered the next day. While it was being installed, his mate

popped over and remarked on the piece of new purchase.

“It’s very special,” said the man. “Here, I’ll show you.” He

thought for a moment and then said, “How much money has

my wife got in her bank account?”

The table went completely berserk. It started jumping up

and down and was still going 30 minutes later.

“But how can that be? Where did she get all that money?” he

said, flabbergasted.

Suddenly, the table stopped moving, its legs fell apart and its

drawers fell to the floor.

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