A man went to the doctor’s with a bad wrist and after a quick examination…

A man went to the doctor’s with a bad wrist and after a quick

examination, he was transferred to the accident and

emergency unit at the local hospital. Immediately on getting

there, the nurse asked him for a urine sample which he

thought was a very odd thing to ask for, considering it was his

wrist that hurt. However, nurse insisted, so he did as she

wished. Fifteen minutes later, he was ushered in to see the

doctor who told him he had dislocated his wrist.

“Don’t tell me you learnt that from the urine sample,”

laughed the man.

“Oh yes we did,” insisted the doctor, “there have been such

great developments in medicine and we now have a foolproof

way of diagnosing many complaints just by taking a

urine sample.”

After the man was patched up, he left for home. An

appointment was made to see him in six weeks’ time, when

he had to bring along another sample. On the day of the

next visit, the man decided to test just how good the new

method was so he peed in the jar, got his wife and daughter

to do the same, as well as the cat, and also wanked into it.

This time, the analysis took much longer, but eventually he

got in to see the doctor.

“Well? What’s the verdict?” he asked.

The doctor looked at him very seriously and replied, “Your

wrist is much better, but your wife has VD, your daughter is

pregnant, the cat has fleas and if you continue wanking, your

wrist will worsen.”

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