A middle-aged man, going grey at the temples…

A middle-aged man, going grey at the temples, dyes his hair

and is so pleased with the results that he has to test his newfound

youth on the general public. He sets off for town

passing a long queue of people at the bus stop. Going up to

the first in the queue, he asks the woman if she would mind

guessing his age.

She looks at him and replies, “Oh, I would say about 35.”

“No, no,” he answers, looking very pleased. “I’m actually


He carries on to the supermarket and when he’s done his

shopping, he asks the girl on the till to guess his age.

“About 38,” she says.

Away goes the man, very satisfied at the results and so preoccupied

with his vanity that he bumps right into an old


“I’m so sorry, miss, I didn’t see you.”

“That’s alright, young man,” she replies.

“Young man! I do indeed feel young. Would you like to guess

how old I am?” he boasts.

“I’ll have to feel your willy to tell you that,” she says.

“Really!” he gasps. “Well okay.”

So the spinster puts her hand down his trousers, feels

around and says, “You’re 44.”

“Why! that’s absolutely amazing,” he says, “how can you


“I was in the bus queue earlier, when you went past.”

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