A new colonel had just arrived at the remote outpost…

A new colonel had just arrived at the remote outpost. It was

his first assignment abroad and he was determined to make

a name for himself.

“First of all, I would like a complete tour of the base,” he

ordered his second in command, and for the next hour the

colonel inspected every little nook and cranny, eventually

arriving at a small shed.

“What’s in there?” he bellowed.

“A camel Sir,” came the reply, and it was explained to the

colonel that because the outpost was so remote, the men

would sometimes get sexually frustrated and then they’d use

the camel.

“Disgusting!, get rid of it immediately,” he ordered.

Three months went by and the colonel was badly missing the

fairer sex. He swallowed his pride and asked if indeed the

camel had been removed from camp.

“I’m sorry Sir, it is in fact still here,” said the second in

command. With that, the colonel went down to the shed,

dropped his trousers, got up behind the camel and gave it all

he’d got.

“There” he panted, “is that what the men do?”

Thoroughly embarrassed, the second in command replied,

“Not exactly, no Sir. The men ride the camel to the nearest


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