A nymphomaniac could never find enough men to satisfy her…

A nymphomaniac could never find enough men to satisfy her

so she decided to buy her own dildo. Now she had an old

boyfriend who stocked some unique sexual aids and went

along to ask him for something extra special.” As it happens,

I’ve just had this dildo delivered,” he said. “It’s from Hawaii

and it’s got strange powers. All you have to say is “Dildo

fanny” and it will do the business.”

So she took it home, unwrapped it and said “Dildo fanny”

and the dildo jumped out of the box and up between her

legs. It was the most fantastic feeling she’d ever had but

when she wanted it to stop, it wouldn’t. Her boyfriend hadn’t

given her the right words to say and she was now feeling very


“There’s only one thing to do,” she thought to herself. “I’d

better get to the doctor’s.”

So she jumped in the car and drove as fast as she could to

the surgery but on the way a policeman stopped her for

speeding. She explained her predicament, in between having

another orgasm, but the policeman looked at her as if she

was mad. “If I believed that, I’d believe anything,” he said.

“Dildo my ass!”

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