A rich old man of 85 went to the doctor’s for a check-up…

A rich old man of 85 went to the doctor’s for a check-up. He

explained that he was about to get married to a young girl of

20 and he needed to know how fit he was.

“Well, for a man of your age, you are remarkably well, but,”

cautioned the doctor, “are you sure you’re doing the right

thing? It may well put a lot of strain on you.”

But the old man could not be persuaded to change his mind.

“Well, in that case,” persisted the doctor, “it may be a good

idea to take in a lodger. I’m sure you will find the marriage

a lot less strenuous.”

The old man thought this over and said it sounded like a

good idea. A few months later the doctor and the old man

met up again at the village fete.

“Hello, doctor,” beamed the old man, “you must

congratulate me, my wife is pregnant.”

The doctor kept a straight face, as he wished the old man


“I guess you took my advice about taking in a lodger then?”

“Indeed I did,” winked the old man, enjoying himself”, and

she’s pregnant too!”

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