A Scotsman was walking on the mountainside…

A Scotsman was walking on the mountainside when he

spotted a bottle hidden in the heather. It had a cork in the

top and as he pulled it out a genie appeared.

“Oh thank you, thank you,” said the genie. “I’m free at last

and I will grant you three wishes.”

“Well, er…” pondered the Scotsman. “I’d like the biggest

bottle of whisky you can give me.”

Whoosh, a 5 litre bottle of the finest whisky appeared before

him and he spent the next couple of hours gulping it down.

Amazingly, when it was empty it automatically filled itself up


“I can’t believe my eyes,” gasped the Scotsman.

“Well, you’re seeing right,” said the genie, “every time you

empty the bottle it will automatically fill up. Now what would

you like for your other 2 wishes?”

“Oh that’s easy, I’ll have another two of the same, please!”

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