A seaman is given 10 days’ shore leave in Thailand…

A seaman is given 10 days’ shore leave in Thailand and every

night he hits the high spots – drinking and whoring non-stop.

However, towards the end of his leave he realises there’s

something wrong with him so he goes to see a European


“I’m afraid you have picked up a new and virulent sexual

disease. It means you will have to have your penis surgically


Horrified, the man goes to see another European doctor but

the diagnosis is the same.

Walking slowly back to his ship, he loses his way down the

many back alleys and discovers the premises of an old Thai

doctor. Desperate for better news, he goes in and is

examined thoroughly.

“You do not need to have your penis surgically removed,”

says the doctor “that is just a way for these foreigners to

make more money.”

Overjoyed, the man replies, “Then everything is going to be


“Oh no,” says the doctor. “I mean your penis will just drop

off on its own in a few days’ time.”

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