A single man moved in next door to a couple…

A single man moved in next door to a couple and it wasn’t

long before he and the wife became attracted to each other,

but they managed to keep their feelings in check. Then one

hot summer’s afternoon, the single man went round for

afternoon tea. While there, he noticed the couple’s guttering

was full of weeds so he volunteered to go up the ladder and

clear it for them. While he was up there, the couple lay out

on the lawn sunbathing and as the husband rubbed sun

lotion on his wife’s back, the man shouted down.

“Heh, you two, no sex down there!”

“We’re not!” they yelled.

A couple of minutes went by and the man up the ladder

shouted again.

“Hey, stop all that sex!”

Again, they shouted up, “We’re not having sex.”

Some time later, the man came down for a rest and the

husband said he’d finish off. So up he went leaving his wife

and next door neighbour sunbathing on the lawn. The

nearness of their bodies was too much for them and soon

they were making mad passionate love.

“Well, bugger me,” said the husband, looking down from the

ladder. “Up here, it really does look as if they’re having sex.”

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