A sleazy man ran a pet shop…

A sleazy man ran a pet shop and advertised on the front

window that he had a dog for sale, specially reared for


It wasn’t long before a woman came in asking for more


“I assure you, Miss, this dog will cater for all your needs,” he

said as he brought out a huge Alsatian for her to inspect. The

woman bought the dog and they went home. However, a

week later, he received an angry phone call from her,

complaining that the dog was not satisfactory.

“My sincere apologies,” simpered the man. “I’ll come round

and see you straight away.”

When the man arrived, he found the woman in bed and the

dog asleep on the carpet.

“Watch carefully, Brutus,” he said to the dog as he took his

clothes off. “I’m only going to show you one more time.”

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