A stats professor plans to travel to a conference by plane…

A stats professor plans to travel to a conference by plane. When he passes the security check, they discover a bomb in his carry-on-baggage. Of course, he is hauled off immediately for interrogation.
I don’t understand it! the interrogating officer exclaims. You’re an accomplished professional, a caring family man, a pillar of your parish – and now you want to destroy that all by blowing up an airplane!
Sorry, the professor interrupts him. I had never intended to blow up the plane.
So, for what reason else did you try to bring a bomb on board?!
Let me explain. Statistics shows that the probability of a bomb being on an airplane is 1/1000. That’s quite high if you think about it – so high that I wouldn’t have any peace of mind on a flight.
And what does this have to do with you bringing a bomb on board of a plane?
You see, since the probability of one bomb being on my plane is 1/1000, the chance that there are two bombs is 1/1000000. If I already bring one, the chance of another bomb being around is actually 1/1000000, and I am much safer…

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