A very obese man went to the doctor’s…

A very obese man went to the doctor’s and was told he would

have to lose at least 7 stone.

“It’s no good,” wailed the man. “I’ve tried all sorts of diets

and they never work.”

“Well, this one is different,” said the doctor. “You will take

nothing by mouth, everything you eat will be through your


A month went by and the man went back to the doctors

looking very happy.

“Well done, you’ve lost nearly 4 stone, carry on like this and

you’ll soon be down to the correct weight. Do you have any


“None at all,” said the man. “I’ll see you in a month’s time.”

As the man walked to the door, the doctor noticed that he

was walking in an odd way.

“Are you sure there’s nothing wrong?” asked the doctor.

“You seem to be walking in a curious way.”

“No, everything’s fine, doc,” said the man. “I’m just chewing

some bubble gum.”

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