A very rich woman reaches middle age…

A very rich woman reaches middle age and decides to have

a face-lift to keep her looking young. She goes along to the

most famous and wickedly expensive surgeon in town and he

explains he has discovered a new and revolutionary


“Once I have performed the operation, I will put two little

screws behind each ear and whenever you see a little wrinkle

appear, you just gently turn the screws and it will disappear.”

The technique is a wonderful success and for over 10 years

the woman keeps a wrinkle-free face by turning the screws

when necessary. However, one day she notices she has bags

under her eyes but when she turns the screws, no matter how

many times, the bags will not go away. In a blind panic she

rushes back to the surgeon.

“Look what’s happened,” she wails. “I can’t get rid of them.”

The surgeon replies, “Madam, you have used the screws so

much that those bags under your eyes are your breasts and if

you continue to turn the screws, you’ll end up with a beard.”

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