A young journalist was asked to go…

A young journalist was asked to go and interview a

celebrated old colonel who had moved into the area. Now

the old colonel’s reputation for bravery was well

documented and the journalist decided to try and get a

different angle on the interview. After chatting for about 20

minutes he then asked the colonel if there had been any time

when he was really frightened.

The colonel thought for a moment and then replied, “There

was a time when we were deep in the jungle, on the track of

a bunch of renegades, when suddenly a lion jumped out at

me and roared ‘Aaarrgh’. Bloody hell, I shit myself.”

The journalist was thrilled with the story.

“When was that?” he asked. “When did that happen?”

“Just now when I went ‘Aaarrgh,’ ” replied the colonel.

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