A retired pharmacist was having trouble with his memory. He couldn’t remember anything and his wife was having trouble with her memory, too.
The pharmacist read in the paper one evening about a memory doctor who could help restore memory.
He called his wife over and told her to read the ad. She thought it sounded pretty good and said, I think we ought to see that doctor. He said, I think we should, too. So, they went to see the memory doctor.
After seeing the doctor for about 6 weeks, the pharmacist and his wife went down to the senior citizen center and ran into one of their old friends.
The friend said, I understand you’re going to the memory doctor.
The pharmacist said, Yes, that’s right; we’re both going.
His friend asked,
Is he any good?
Is he any good? said the pharmacist, He’s the best doctor we’ve ever been to, he’s really good!
His friend said, You know, I’m having trouble with my memory, too. I think I ought to see that doctor. What’s the doctor’s name?
The pharmacist hesitated, What’s the doctor’s name… what’s the doctor’s name? He said, Look, there’s a flower with a real long stem, the stem has little green leaves and there are thorns sticking out of the stem. At the top of the stem is a big bulb flower that comes in all different colors. What do you call that?
His friend said, Why, that’s a rose.
The pharmacist said, Yea, that’s right, rose. He turned to his wife and said, Hey, Rose, what’s the name of that doctor we’ve been going to?

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