An Irishman walks into a bar with a small green man…

An Irishman walks into a bar with a small green man and

orders two pints which they immediately drink and then he

orders two more. Meanwhile, further down the bar is a man

on his own and when he catches sight of the newcomers, he

shouts over, “Heh, who’s that little green man? He’s a bit odd.”

Hearing this, the little green man rushes over, looks the man

closely in the face and goes “Slurrpp”.

“Urgh,” says the man, wiping his face, “there’s no need for


“Well, have a bit more respect then” says the Irishman, “he’s

a leprechaun.”

An hour later and quite a few drinks later, the man shouts

over again, “He’s a bloody ugly bugger, isn’t he?”

The little green man runs over once more and goes

“Slurrpp” in his face.

This time, the man loses his temper and bellows, “If that

leprechaun does it again I’ll cut his knob off.”

“You can’t,” replies the Irishman, “he hasn’t got one.”

“Well, how does he have a pee then?”

“He doesn’t, he just goes ‘Slurrpp’,” comes the reply.

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