An old man was very sad…

An old man was very sad because he had mislaid his

favourite hat, so on impulse, he decided to steal one from

the church vestibule when morning service was on.

Unfortunately, the verger walked in just as he was about to

commit the deadly deed, so he was forced to attend the

service. Later, as he came out, he stopped to talk to the vicar.

“Thank you very much for that wonderful sermon on the ten

commandments. I had intended to steal a hat but after

listening to what you had to say, I decided against it.”

“Well, that makes my job worthwhile,” beamed the vicar. “I

suppose it was the commandment ‘Thou shalt not steal’

which stopped you stealing the hat?”

“Oh no, vicar. It was the one which said ‘Thou shalt not

commit adultery’. As soon as you mentioned it, I

remembered where I had left my hat.”


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