Another couple had a whirlwind romance…

Another couple had a whirlwind romance and were married

less than six months after they met. On their honeymoon

night, she confessed to him that one of her previous lovers

had been his old golfing partner.

“Let’s not bring up the past,” he said, “all that matters now

is that we’re together.”

For the next hour, they made mad passionate love and when

they finally finished he picked up the phone.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“All that exercise, has made me hungry” he replied. “I’m

going to order some steaks and a bottle of bubbly – it is our

wedding night after all.”

“Oh, but your ex golfing partner would have made love to

me again.”

Not to be thought second best, the new husband began again

and gave it all his worth for the next 45 minutes, after which

he laid back on the bed totally exhausted. Again, he tried to

ring room service but again she asked for more. At the end

of another 30 minutes, he picked up the phone before his

wife could speak, saying dejectedly. “Don’t worry, it’s not

room service, I’m just ringing my ex golfing partner to find

out what the par for the hole is.”

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