Astrology and Coffee

ARIES: Aries is the adventuresome sign. They’re off on a Wilderness trek, a safari or hiking outdoors. Always on the go, Aries likes a full bodied coffee like those from Africa. A single origin from Kenya would be worth discovering to this sign.

TAURUS: These bullheaded people find a coffee and stick with it. Earthy Taurus enjoys a coffee that has been grown without herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizer, such as an organic from Guatemala.

GEMINI: Whimsical Gemini is mercurial in nature and likes one coffee this week and another next. Their airy disposition influences a desire for a lighter to medium bodied coffee and for trying the latest on the menu. One of the world’s new Papua New Guinea coffees will intrigue at least for a few days.

CANCER: Sensitive moonchildren may choose a decaf because caffeine could make them bounce off the wall.

LEO: Trendy Leo is the first to try and learn everything about popular espresso based drinks. Lions have espresso machines at home and are ferocious about perfecting their crema and frothing techniques.

VIRGO: Pure, conservative Virgoans will stick with Colombian, the tried and true coffee that is traditional and dependable.

LIBRA: Always striving for balance, Librans choose Mocha-Java, the world’s oldest and most famous blend of l/2 Mocha and l/2 Java.

SCORPIO: Dramatic Scorpions, known for their mysterious nature, hide their dark thoughts behind a cup of rich French Roast. Long periods of unbroken concentration on stressful projects require a large mug filled with strongly brewed java.

SAGITTARIUS: You will find these adventuresome archers nestled among the brush of the Serengeti, peering through binoculars and sipping a cup of Tanzanian peaberry, while watching the Wildebeest migrate.

CAPRICORN: Classy, upscale, traditional Capricorns enjoy experimenting with Estate coffees. These aristocratic Mountain Goats require the finest quality available.

AQUARIUS: Unconventional, avant garde waterbearers prefer to experiment and create their own blends. They probably never drink the same coffee the same way more than once. Instead, they carefully mix, match, measure and taste until perfected.

PISCES: When you see a Piscean drinking a cup of after dinner coffee, most likely it is laced with a liqueur. Pisceans enjoy tipping the cup with spirits. They like to try all the fancy dessert coffees on the menu.

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