Baby food tester’s £1m tongue

A baby food tester with the tastebuds of a ten month old is to have them insured – for £1million.

Beth Anderson, 24, imitates the diet of a toddler in a bid to protect her tongue, which is ten times more sensitive than that of a typical adult.

Her talent means she is able to detect the slightest change in flavours and can tell which recipes will be loved and loathed by youngsters.

Ms Anderson, from Trowbridge, Wiltshire, is unable to wear perfume because the smell can interfere with her work at baby food firm Cow and Gate.

She also avoids tea and coffee, shuns salt in her own meals and drinks two litres of water every day to help cleanse her palate.

The tester now samples 500 mouthfuls of baby food a year and is so vital to the firm that bosses are to insure her tastebuds against damage.

Ms Anderson said: I try to schedule tasting sessions for cereals in the morning and savoury foods in the afternoon.

However, there have been a number of occasions when I’ve had to eat baby meals like spaghetti bolognese first thing in the morning.

If I’m not happy with the taste, we send the development team back to the kitchen to improve it.

Hopefully the way I test food means babies enjoy it right from the first mouthful and ensures there are no tantrums at teatime.

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