Bob Bright was a trainee manager in the town’s largest supermarket…

Bob Bright was a trainee manager in the town’s largest

supermarket. He was doing well, although one day he

almost met his match. A customer approached him and

asked for half an apple. When he was told this was

impossible, the customer insisted and was beginning to

make quite a scene. Bob went off to check with his boss.

“Mr Blake, sir, there’s some crazy prat out there who wants to

buy half an apple.”

As he finished speaking, he noticed the customer had

followed him in, so he very quickly said, “And this customer

would like to buy the other half.”

“Then do it,” said the boss.

A few weeks went by until one day Bob was called to the

boss’s office.” Aah! there you are, Bob. I was so impressed

with the way you handled that awkward situation the other

day – such quick thinking – that I’ve secured you a

manager’s position in one of our smaller outlets in New


“What!” exclaimed the man. “But there’s nothing in New

Greentown except for whores and body builders.”

“Now listen, Bob, my wife comes from there!” Quick as a

flash, Bob replied, “Really, Sir, body building’s fascinating,

did your wife win any prizes?”

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