Bob’s flat mate walked in to find his friend sitting on the sofa…

Bob’s flat mate walked in to find his friend sitting on the

sofa, both hands bandaged and a look of great distress on his

face. “Bob, what’s happened?” he gasped. “You look awful

and you haven’t been back all night.”

“Oh Don, it’s been a bloody nightmare,” moaned Bob. “I’ve

got to be the unluckiest bugger in the world. Last night, I

went down the King’s Arms and met this fabulous bird. She

was really hot and it wasn’t long before we were back at her

place doing the business. All of a sudden, we heard a noise

and she whispered frantically, “Quick, get out of here, it’s my


“You’ve never seen me move so quickly. I was straight out of

bed and just managed to get through the window, hanging

on the ledge by my fingertips, when he barged through the

door. Bloody hell, Don, I was really in the shit. He crushed

my fingers with a hammer and then closed the window on

them. And if that wasn’t enough, a passer-by reported me to

the police for hanging there stark naked. Last night, I spent

the time in police cells. You see how unlucky I was.”

“Get away, Bob, it could happen to anyone,” said Don, trying

to console his distressed friend.

“But you don’t understand,” pleaded Bob. “When the cops

arrested me, I discovered I was only 2 inches from the

ground. Unlucky heh?”

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