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Fifteen things you should not do in the classroom

1. Do not fall asleep in class. The next dream that you have to be in the principal’s office.

2. Do not swear or yell obscenities. Remember: You want to get at least a B in his class and not a degree.

3. Do not wear low cut tank tops, or hats in the classroom. If it looks bad or wrong, it probably is.

4. Do not use nose rings or any other appropriate body sharps. If you can not pass the metal detector does not go to school.

5. No video games, cell phones, MP3 players or other electronic devices designed to drive your teacher crazy. So call me old-fashioned. You can make your work with an abacus. Eventually, you will be able to do some work on computers. Our teams are only ten years.

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Ten Things to Avoid When Hitting on Woman

10. Don’t neg


This regretful trend in pick up is more than just obnoxious — it’s obnoxious and obvious. Negging, also known as “negative comments,” is praised by pick up artists everywhere, based on the assumption that negging a woman forces her to try to “prove” herself. This, in turn, supposedly puts the man in the power position, so he can get her to “do the work” rather than have to prove himself to her.


Does it work? Sure. The question is: who does it work on?


It works on women still constantly seeking love and approval from the world, from a substitute father figure, or from themselves. It works on women who second-guess their choices or clothes or the school they’re thinking of going to, based on an annoying comment by some guy at a bar. It works on women who don’t know themselves well enough to know that they shouldn’t waste their time with men who think they have to neg in order to not feel helpless in front of the opposite sex.


In other words, it works on women who suffer from low self-esteem. This means that in fact, negging is manipulative, underhanded, and in some cases downright mean.


I, on the other hand, will not respond well to you insulting my outfit, hair or drink of choice. Not only is it annoying, it makes it screamingly obvious that you are trying to run game on me… which is really not going to work.


Negging thus simultaneously attracts a woman who doesn’t know who she is (and is potentially a hot mess), and repels women you might actually be able to want to be with for longer than one night.


Sounds like a solid strategy to me.


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