Descent proposal

A business man is trying to find a potential wife. So he finds three business oriented ladies and tells them he’ll will give them each five thousand dollars. Each of them can do what they want with it but to be back in six weeks to tell him what they did with it. All three ladies think they will be smart and try to make money from the five thousand dollars.

So six weeks go by. The three ladies go to meet the business man. The business man says, ”Number One, what did you do with your money?” 

Number One says, ”I invested in T-bills and made $1500.” The business man asks number two the same question. 

Number Two says, ” I invested in the market and made $1700.” 

The business man asks Number Three the same question, as well. 

Number Three says, ” I invested in a CD and only made $1200.” The business man, revaluated all three candidates and came to a decision. Can you guess which one he selected? The one with biggest tits, of course.

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