Finding her cooker had packed in…

Finding her cooker had packed in, Beryl called up the repair

man and arranged for him to come round on Tuesday


“I won’t be in,” she said, “but I’ll leave my key with the next

door neighbour. Please leave the bill with her when you’ve

finished and I’ll pop a cheque in the post. Oh, by the way.

I’ve got ‘growler’ – a very fierce guard dog – but you’ll be

alright if he sees the neighbour let you in. I’ve also got a

parrot but be warned, whatever you do, please don’t say

anything to it.”

Having been given all the instructions the repair man went

round on Tuesday morning and soon had the cooker

repaired, although the whole time he’d been there he’d had

to put up with a stream of obscenities from the parrot. As he

was packing up to go his temper snapped and he turned to

the parrot, saying, “You fucking little bastard, drop bloody


The parrot went very quiet and then with a gleam in his eye

rose to his full height and said

“Growler, kill…kill growler.”

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