Grandfather models ladies’ fashions

A 72-year-old Chinese man is acting as a model for his granddaughter’s fashion range – for women.

Fashion designer Lyu Ting says her grandfather Liu Qianping recently visited her when she had just received a new consignment of clothes.

She comments: When unpacking the boxes, he casually put on one piece – and I and my staff all thought it was a great match.

Liu, who says he had never tried on women’s clothes before, was also apparently quite taken with how he looked.

So, when Lyu was unable to find the right model for her website, she turned to her grandfather.

Liu can now be seen striking a variety of poses on Lyu’s website.

Lyu comments: The sales number is five times more than before, and the traffic is hundreds of times more.

Liu added: I just want to do a little help to my granddaughter, and it didn’t hurt me at all.

We were all very happy that day when they took the pictures. Life is all about happiness, isn’t it?

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