Great White Shark That Couldn’t ‘Seal’ The Deal

For a heart-stopping moment a seal was inches from being crushed in the jaws of a great white shark off the South African coast.

Great White Shark Seal Sequence

But the plucky creature evaded a gory death after balancing on the shark’s snout and slipping back into the sea.

The death-defying moment was captured by wildlife photographer David Baz Jenkins.

Jenkins, 41, from Dublin, said a colony of seals were making their way back to Seal Island after feeding out at sea when the shark moved in.

Great White Shark Seal SequenceThe seal makes his great escape. Pic: David Baz Jenkins/Caters

Seal Island, in False Bay, is home to a huge number of cape fur seals whose main predator is the great white.

This seal may have been lucky but hundreds of pups fall prey to shark attacks every year.

Great whites can be up to 20ft (6m) long and weigh up to 5,000lbs (2,268kg).

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