A politician gives a stump speech in an Indian reservation, trying to garner the Native American ballot. “If elected, I promise better education for Native Americans,” he says. The crowd goes wild, calling out “Hoya! Hoya!”


Guy doesn’t know what the word means, but he figures, hey, they look excited, so he goes on. “I promise to propose legislation permitting a casino to be built on this reservation,” he says. The crowd gets even more frenzied, and keeps shouting “Hoya!” over and over. Encouraged by the cheers, he finishes his speech: “And if elected, I promise to ensure better health care and employment options for Native Americans!” The crowd is at a fever pitch, stamping their feet and yelling “Hoya! Hoya! Hoya!”


His speech finished, the guy shakes some hands, kisses some babies, and decides to go on a tour of the reservation before hitting the campaign trail again. Guy comes across a huge herd of cattle, and says to his guide, “I was raised on a ranch, and I’ve always loved cattle. Mind if I go over and get a closer look?”


“Sure,” says the guide, “but be careful not to step in the hoya.”

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