It is the highlight of the holiday…

It is the highlight of the holiday. The small group of tourists

are off on safari which is to last two days. After travelling

many miles the first day, they make camp in a small clearing,

have some supper and retire to their tents. However, in the

middle of the night a gorilla wanders into the camp and

walks into a tent where a young, shy girl is sleeping. Before

she knows what is happening he’s picked her up and given

her a good rogering before disappearing as quickly as he

came. The sound of her cries alert the rest of the party and

when she tells them what has happened, they immediately

take her to hospital, where she spends a week in a state of

shock. A little while later, the leader of the safari comes to

see her to find out how she’s coping.

“It’s awful,” she replies tearfully. “I’ve heard nothing from

him, no phone call, no letter, nothing.”

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