It was love at first sight…

It was love at first sight. Within a week of meeting, John and

Mary decided to get married.

“But we don’t really know anything about each other,” said


“Never mind,” replied John. “We’ll learn as we go along.”

So the couple got married and went to Spain for their

honeymoon where they spent a blissful few days until one

morning as they were sunbathing around the pool.

John suddenly got up, climbed to the very top of the diving

board and performed a very intricate dive involving back

flips and a double pike.

“Wow!” said Jane, when he returned. “That was truly


“Well, I used to be the British Diving Champion,” replied

John. “You see, didn’t I say we’d find out more about each

other as time went by?”

A little later, Jane got up, dived into the pool and swam four

lengths without stopping.

“Heh!” said John, much impressed, that was fantastic. “Were

you in the British Squad?”

“Oh no,” she replied. “I spent a few years in Venice where I

was on the game and my patch included both sides of the


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