It was the local County Show…

It was the local County Show and a new vet was touting for

business. He approached an old farmer who was showing off

his prize herd of cows.

“Hello Mr Oldham, I’m just setting up a new practice in

these parts and I was wondering if you’d ever considered

artificial insemination for your cows?”

“No, I haven’t,” replied the farmer, “and to be honest I

don’t rightly understand all these modern ways.”

“Well, if you change your mind I can always come out to your

farm and give you a demonstration” said the vet.

Some weeks went past and the farmer remembered the

conversation at the County Show and being curious as to

how a cow could be serviced without a bull, he gave the vet

a ring.

“OK Mr Oldham,” answered the vet, “I’ll be out in the

morning, just make sure the cow’s been washed down, have

some clean straw, a bucket of hot water and a stool.”

The next day the vet arrived and asked the farmer if all was


“Oh yes,” said the farmer, “I’ve even put a nail on the wall

for you to hang up your trousers.”

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