Jack was in Paris attending a conference on cabinet making…

Jack was in Paris attending a conference on cabinet making.

After the session was finished he decided to have a coffee in

one of the many pavement cafés along the Champs-Élysées.

He hadn’t been there long when a beautiful girl walked by,

smiled at him and sat down opposite. Unfortunately she

could not speak any English at all, so he took a pen and

paper from his briefcase and drew a cup of coffee followed

by a question mark. She nodded and he ordered another

cup. Later he drew a taxi and again she nodded so they were

soon sitting in a cab touring the Left Bank and the sights of

Paris. Towards evening he drew a table with wine and food

and it wasn’t long before they were enjoying a beautiful meal

in one of the finest Parisian restaurants. As the meal came to

an end, the girl took the pen from Jack and drew a fourposter


“Why, that’s amazing,” he said. “How on earth did you know

I was in the furniture business?”

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