Joe has been seeing a psychoanalyst for four years…

Joe has been seeing a psychoanalyst for four years for treatment of the fear that he had monsters under his bed. It had been years since he had gotten a good nights sleep. Furthermore, his progress was very poor, and he knew it. So, one day he stops seeing the psychoanalyst and decides to try something different.A few weeks later, Joes former psychoanalyst meets his old client in the supermarket, and is surprised to find him looking well-rested, energetic, and cheerful. Doc! Joe says, Its amazing! Im cured!Thats great news! the psychoanalyst says. you seem to be doing much better. How?I went to see another doctor, Joe says enthusiastically, and he cured me in just ONE session!One?! the psychoanalyst asks incredulously.Yeah, continues Joe, my new doctor is a behaviorist.A behaviorist? the psychoanalyst asks. How did he cure you in one session?Oh, easy, says Joe. He told me to cut the legs off of my bed.

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