Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re only 20 minutes from landing…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re only 20 minutes from

landing, I hope you’ve enjoyed the flight and in a few

moments I’ll ask you to fasten your seat belts,” said the pilot.

However, he forgot to turn the microphone off and the

passengers then heard him turn to his co-pilot and say, “Well,

Jack, I can’t wait to get down. I shall finish up the paperwork

and then take that gorgeous new air stewardess back to my

place for a good shagging.”

Hearing this, the poor air stewardess blushed madly and

rushed up the aisle to warn him, but on the way, she tripped

over a bag and fell sprawling on the floor. An old lady sitting

next to the aisle, bent down and whispered to her.

“It’s all right, dear, you’ve got plenty of time. He’s got to

finish his paperwork first.”

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