Let’s have an early night…

“Come on, Josie,” said Jack. “Let’s have an early night, I’ve

got a full head of steam here.”

Josie wasn’t too willing but in the end agreed and they went

up to bed. Josie put on a long nightdress.

“Come on, Josie, take that nightgown off,” pleaded Jack but

just at that moment the phone went and Jack went down to

answer it. Quick as a flash, Josie barricaded the door and

jumped into bed. When Jack returned and found he couldn’t

get in, he yelled with anger.

“Come on, Josie, let me in or I’ll break the door down.”

“Oh yeah,” sneered Josi?”, “You and who else. You can’t

even manage to take a nightgown off and here you are

threatening to break down a door!”

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