Medical examination…

To avoid being called up for active duty two men pulled all

their teeth out before going in for their medical

examination. On this particular morning there were just 3 of

them – the two friends and a dirty looking tramp.

The first friend stood before the doctor and told him he had

no teeth. The doctor put his finger in the man’s mouth, ran

it around his gums and agreed that he was not fit for active


The doctor then turned to the tramp who told him he had

very very painful piles.

“OK,” said the doctor, “drop your trousers and turn round

so that I can examine you.”

The tramp did as he was told and the doctor stuck his finger

up the man’s arse and felt around.

“Mmm, they are bad,” said the doctor. “You’ve failed the test

as well.”

He then turned to the second friend and said, “What’s

wrong with you?”

The man looked at the doctor’s finger and shook his head


“Nothing, nothing at all, doctor.”

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