Mom takes Darling Daughter for her annual check…

The Scene:


Mom takes Darling Daughter for her annual check-up at the pediatrician. Younger brothers and Dad are also along for this fun family outing.  As the exam begins, The Good Doctor reminds the young patient about the importance of keeping private areas private — namely, that no one see or touch their private areas other than Mommy, Daddy or the Doctor when Mommy or Daddy is present.


At this point Darling Daughter has something to add to the conversation.


DD: Mommy, you do that.


Mom (flustered):  Um, do what?


DD:  Let strangers touch your private parts.


Mom (beet red and praying DD will shut up):  No, no, I don’t.


DD:  Yes, you do – at the nail place. In that back room.


(Mom mentally kicks herself for bringing DD along for that particular personal grooming outing.)


Mom:  Oh, you mean when I get a bikini wax.  That’s not really the same thing.


DD: Sure it is, they were touching your privates.


At this point, Dad jumps in to helpfully rescue Mom before she dies of embarrassment.


Dad:  Well, DD, that’s really just like a haircut for Mommy … (voice trails off)


DD: What do you mean a haircut?


(laughing begins)


Mom: Let’s have this discussion later, please.

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