Most awkward moment…

Most awkward moment was during my Ob/Gyn rotation. I was on call and sleeping in the lounge room at 230 am when the charge nurse paged me and said my patient had gone into labor. I ran upstairs and went to the nursing station to inquire about her room number. She told me some room number and I started walking in the direction of the room. Unfortunately I did not pay attention to the room number. I saw a female patient and some elderly woman beside her hugging each other. I also saw a baby basket nearby. Thinking this was my patient, I walked inside and said congratulations. I proceeded to give the patient a hug and stepped back.
Next thing I know she started crying and I was totally puzzled. The elderly woman looked over at me with total shock and asked why am I congratulating her daughter after she has just lost the baby? I was horrified. I asked her identification and realized my patient was in a different room. I mumbled sorry for the mistake, offered the crying patient some kleenex and ran out of the room.

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