Mrs Smith, I have some very bad news for you…

“Mrs Smith, I have some very bad news for you, concerning

your husband, We’ve had the tests back and it shows that he

has only hours to live. I’m afraid he’ll probably be dead by

tomorrow morning.”

The poor woman goes home in a terrible state of shock but

she is determined to make his last few hours the best he’s

ever had. That night, she suggests they go upstairs early and

wearing her most sexiest nightie, she lures him into bed and

makes love to him like he’s never experienced before. After

2 hours, they lay back exhausted and fall asleep. But half an

hour later, the husband wakes up, nudges his wife and tells

her it was so wonderful, can they do it again. Now this

happens all night long until the poor wife hardly has the

strength to move. As dawn breaks, he whispers yet again,

“Just once more, darling, please,” and in a sudden flash of

anger she replies, “It’s alright for you. You don’t have to get

up in the morning.”

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