One day, an out-of-work man knocks on the door of a home…

One day, an out-of-work man knocks on the door of a home in an upper-class neighborhood. The lady of the house answers. Pardon me Mam, Im out of work and looking for any odd jobs that people need done. Im very handy with everything from repairs to yard work, to painting… Painting? the woman jumped in. Oh, yes, Maam! Im a very careful painter, the man replied, his face brightening at the realization she could provide him some work. Ill tell you what. My husband just bought some green paint last week to paint the porch out back with, but we havent had any time. If you can do a good job, then you can paint it before he gets home and surprise him. Now, do a particularly good job and paint the trimmings white also, and Ill pay you an extra bonus. Oh yes, Maam, Ill do an excellent job! He was told the paints were also around back in the garage. A few hours later, the man returns to the door. That was quick, did you do a good job? the woman inquires. Oh yes Maam, two coats! But theres something you should know, the man says. Thats not a Porsche, thats a Mercedes!

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