One day while on traffic control…

One day while on traffic control, a policeman flags down a
car for speeding. As he walks up to the car he sees it is being
driven by a beautiful brunette.
“Excuse me, Miss, did you not see the signs, this is a 30 mph
zone and you were going at least 50 mph. May I see your
licence and insurance please?”
“Oh dear,” replies the dizzy girl. Do you mean these,
officer?” and she hands him some documents from her bag.
“That’s right, Miss, won’t be a moment”, and with that he
walks over to his car to radio in the details.
“I think I know this woman,” comes the reply, “is she a dizzy
“Yes, why?”
“Just go back over and take your trousers down.”
“What the fuck are you talking about?” says the policeman in
“Don’t worry, just do as I say, it’ll be fine.”
So the policeman returns to the woman’s car, hands back her
documents and drops his trousers.
“Oh wow,” she replies, “not another breathalyser.”

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